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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Borders important, must be controlled

There has been a lot of rhetoric thrown around lately concerning the new Arizona immigration bill — charges of racism have been hurled from both sides.

While I will agree there is definitely at least the potential for trouble with the law that requires Arizona law enforcement officers to inquire about the immigration status of people, there are provisions in the law to at least mitigate racial profiling.

The law requires first, that an officer must have a legitimate reason to stop someone before checking status. It is not legal to pull someone over because they are brown and then ask for their immigration papers.

Those papers have been the source of some of the rhetoric, many have been screaming the provision of the law requiring immigrants to have their immigration documents on their person is redolent of Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union.

In reality federal law requires a resident alien to keep their green card or visa on their person and to produce it when asked by law enforcement.

And there’s the rub — this new law simply requires officers to enforce — federal law.

This isn’t a small problem, Arizona is literally being overrun by illegals. According to a story on federal border officials arrested nearly 500,000 people trying to enter the state between October and July of 2005.

In mid-August of 2005 then Governor and current Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, a Democrat, made the highly unusual move of declaring a state of emergency freeing up money for more law enforcement along the border.

She is of course, currently criticizing the law.

The real concern here is not that Arizona police are actually enforcing the law, but that Arizona was forced to this because the federal government would not do it’s job.

A law was passed just a few years ago requiring the feds to build a border fence along the entire Mexican border. Congress then failed to appropriate the needed funds, and few miles of fence were ever built.

As the violence between rival drug gangs escalates on the south side of the border, it is important also to note those cartels have taken virtual control of most of the border states on the Mexican side of the border — and the violence has spilled over.

In 2008, six Mexican men dressed as Phoenix cops shot another man to death in his home, firing more than 100 rounds into the home of one Andrew Williams. It was widely believed the hit was drug related, and it was suspected the assassins were Mexican special forces recruited by the drug cartels to be their hit men.

This incident, and others like it, underscore the need to secure the border.

It’s really quite simple, we need to know who is here, we need to control who gets in and we need to keep out those who would do us harm — and there have been terrorist caught coming over the Mexican border.

In the end history is replete with stories of what happens when a nation does not control its borders — the fall of Rome is just one example.

A nation which does not control its borders does not remain a nation for long.

All IMHO of course.

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