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Thursday, September 16, 2010

We were all Americans, once

Nine years ago on September 11 I was not feeling very well and had slept in as I had a doctor’s appointment later that day.
I still vividly remember getting the call that woke me up to turn on the TV.
I will never forget the horror I felt as I watched the towers fall.
I will also never forget the pride I felt as I heard about the passengers of Flight 93 who decided they’d rather die on their feet fighting than let cowardly terrorists use them as a weapon.
Nor will I forget the anger which burned in my heart that day, and still burns today as I think about the people who died.
I remember the fierce pride in my country as I watched us all come together the next day. The frightening, wolfish smiles on the faces of my countrymen as President George W. Bush promised a crowd at ground zero that “the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon.”
How soon we forget.
On Sept. 12 we were united as a country in a way that we had not been since Pearl Harbor. The sleeping giant that is the American people stirred, and lifted his head. And as they did on that terrible day in 1941 the tyrants and dictators and evil men suddenly wondered what exactly they had done and quailed from that glare.
And then, slowly, with complicity from certain elements of the government on both sides of the aisle, and the media, the giant was placated. Lullabies were sung, backs were rubbed and gently, gently, the giant returned to sleep.
As I write this on Sept. 13, 2010, our nation is divided as at no time since the Civil War. We refuse to so much as consider opposing view points.
In congress our “leaders” reflexively oppose anything the other party proposes.
The media demonizes average Americans who dare to stand up and ask “why?” Or suggest they don’t agree with something the president is doing.
An Imam wishes to build a mosque in the shadow of ground zero, while nearly 10 years later the Twin Towers remain a hole in the ground.
In Florida, a pastor, in a move just as offensive, said he was going to burn the Quran on Sept. 11 unless the backers of the mosque back down.
So far, neither has happened.
I make no bones about my political leanings, I’m a common sense conservative and proud of it. I’m not a republican, however. I’m frankly done with both parties.
The direction I see the country going worries me, not so much the policies coming down from the top — although those are troubling — but the frightening division in this country.
We must find ways to come together. There are things we can all agree on — or at least I would hope so.
While I will not compromise my principles, I can agree with those on the left on a few things.
I want a cleaner environment. I want a good job. I want others to have good jobs and roofs over their heads.
While I may differ with the left on how those things might be accomplished, I would hope we could all agree those are things to strive for.
I have always thought, that if people of good intent find the places they agree, and sit down to discuss them they can usually find some common ground.
I want to pass this wonderful nation down to my children and grandchildren.
If we don’t start finding some common ground soon, I am very much afraid we’ll tear ourselves apart first.
Please folks, let’s try to get back to that unity we had on Sept. 12, 2001.
Let’s try to find that common ground.
There was a time when, whatever our political differences, we were all Americans first.
I pray we can find a way to be that again.

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  1. hey flyover,
    as a result of your pjm article about the estimable maxine "muddy" waters, I thought I would drop you a line and congratulate you on your blog name.
    been doing this awhile myself here in beautiful st joe mo., more of a stepping stone than your broadsides. fun though .
    you get over this way, we'll buy you a soda pop.
    keep up the fight
    max wyeth