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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Can we have a little leadership please?

As the election nears things of course start to get a little, well, sillier. They don’t call it silly season for nothing.
The Democrats, most of them anyway, are in full on panic mode — and should be. That Republicans will retake the House is something of a given at this point. There is a good possibility they will pick up the Senate as well, but that is nowhere near as certain.
One would think, then that the president would have long ago read the tea leaves and done what Clinton did when faced with this particular situation — run to the center.
We were told that this president is the consummate politician. He’s a genius. Most accomplished leader of his time. To quote Jerry Senifeld, “yadda, yadda, yadda.”
I’ve seen precious little leadership from this man.
He’s been president for nearly two years now, yet he continues to blame the Republicans, and most notably George W. Bush for the mess the economy is in.
Now, I will grant that prior to Barack Obama, it sure looked like the Republicans were not much different than the Democrats where spending was concerned — and then Obama quadrupled the national debt in the first six months of his administration.
I have major issues with some of the things Bush did.
However, we’re now more than 18 months into Obama’s administration and he was recently quoted saying “this hole the Republicans dug for us is really deep,” or words to that effect. He keeps blaming others for problems it’s his job to fix.
This isn’t leadership.
I therefore have some advice for Mr. Obama.
Mr. President, leaders lead. They take responsibility. They make decisions and they do so decisively.
You’re nearly two years into your term. Time to stop blaming the Republicans for every problem the nation faces. You’ve forced a great many unpopular ideas down the American people’s throats. And those ideas haven’t worked. Leaders admit when they make mistakes and then they correct them.
Leaders do not blame others for their problems. They take responsibility. Even if the problems are not their fault they do not whine. Leaders buckle down to work.
Leaders also do not blame their followers for their problems. Leaders do not berate their followers, either. It’s time to stop telling the American people they are simply to stupid to understand what you’re trying to do. We understand fine, we don’t like it.
Leaders also do not have to remind people who’s in charge. It’s obvious.
Mr. President, the American people love decisiveness and a can-do attitude. What they see from you is a weak man who wishes to avoid taking responsibility. A man who blames others for his problems and who is either so arrogant or simply so inflexible he cannot admit being wrong.
Mr. President, the American People will follow you, but only out of curiosity.
All IMHO, of course.

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