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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Global Cooling? Climate changes again

Ahhh fall is here.
I’ve always loved the cool crisp days of fall, it reminds me of home and days spent hunting pheasants and dove and quail with friends.
Given that fall and winter are my favorite seasons I noted with interest a story in the London, England, Telegraph that on the agenda for the 58th annual meeting of the Bilderberg Group was, among other things, “Global Cooling.”
Now the Bilderbergers, for those who are not familiar are a group of high-level politicians, academics, business leaders and such who meet once a year to discuss various world problems.
Now these guys tend to set off the conspiracy-nut fringe because their meetings are never made public. But I digress.
It’s notable however that in the 1970s everyone was screaming about the new ice age which was supposed to be coming.
By the 90s of course, it was “global warming.” Then it was “climate change.”
Now the administration has rebranded again and the term is “global climate disruption.”
According to a story by, the White House prefers this new term to “global warming,” because global warming “oversimplifies the problem and makes it sound less dangerous than it really is.”
Seriously? “Climate disruption” sounds more serious than global warming?
Frankly, it sounds more like a lower bowel problem. “I’m having a climate disruption today!”
Someone seriously needs to let the White House know that when you start having to rebrand every six months you’ve got a problem that goes beyond name recognition.
The reality is, the global warming, excuse me, climate change — er — climate disruption kooks have a larger problem. No one’s listening anymore. Worldwide, people are looking at things like the “Climategate” emails at East Anglia University, in England where it was found researchers deliberately falsified data and the inconvenient reality behind Al Gore’s movie “An Inconvenient Truth” — namely that the so-called documentary had serious factual errors.
Gore was apparently too busy having his chakra’s released by massage therapists in five star hotels to fact check.
The more convenient truth?
Well, Earth’s climate is changing. It does that.
Last winter was one of the coldest on record in the northern hemisphere, while they had one of the hottest summers on record in the southern. This winter according to the National Climate Institute, the National Weather Service’s climate forecasting arm, is supposed to be a bit warmer and dryer than normal.
Does this mean man is affecting the climate?
Does this even mean that the Earth is undergoing a massive climate change which will disrupt all our lives and screw things up for fair?
Nope. Not that either.
The dirty little secret is that we’ve been keeping records for only about 150 years, and many of those records are unreliable at best.
In other words, the climate change — excuse me, “disruption” — chicken littles are relying on suspect and statistically insignificant data to base their models and then ask the entire world to disrupt their economies based on those flawed models.
Should we just dump raw sewage in the ocean? Of course not. Go back to the days of leaded gas and no catalytic converters?
Also stupid. No one likes smog. No one likes dioxin in their water.
But we really have got to start injecting some common sense into the debate instead of wild-eyed the sky is falling rhetoric.
All IMHO of course.

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  1. Just like with bad mortgage risk 'modeling' and bad economic 'modeling', I think people are coming around to bad climate 'modeling'. Such modeling seemed to gain credibility because people believed there's more science behind them then there really is.