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Monday, November 1, 2010

Border continues to burn, time to put out the fire

We’ve all heard the tragic story of the woman whose husband was allegedly killed by Mexican drug cartel gunmen while jet skiing on a lake which straddles the Texas/Mexico border.
The woman, Tiffany Hartley is now begging President Barack Obama to do something about the cartels which killed her husband David.
So far as I know there has been zero response from the administration to her pleas.
In the mean time, apparent cartel gunmen invaded a rehab center in the border city of Tijuana, Mexico, killing at least 10, and possibly as many as 13.
I have noted before that one of the reasons the Mexican government has failed to do anything about the cartels is that they have no real incentive to do so. Mexico simply makes too much money off the drug trade for it to be in their interest to stop it. Most of the violence is contained to the sparsely populated northern areas of the country, not the much wealthier heartlands to the south.
Unfortunately, that violence is spilling across our border with increasing frequency. Phoenix, Ariz., is now the kidnap capital of North America. Yes, you read that right. A major American city leads the hemisphere in kidnapping for profit.
At what point, exactly, do we begin to do something about this?
How much more violence do we have to tolerate before someone will step up and say “enough?”
This is intolerable. Entire areas of our border are no-go areas posted with signs telling American citizens to stay out of American territory because they might run into smugglers and get killed.
Now, apparently, Americans are unable to even enjoy a day on the lake without having to worry about getting shot.
The constant response to this sort of nonsense from the administration has been rhetoric, more rhetoric and lawsuits to prevent the implementation of laws which might actually help to stem the tide of illegal immigration.
Instead of actually doing his constitutional duty to enforce our borders what the president has done is admonish us, as if we were children, to not be “intolerant.” Others within his administration have gone so far as to call us “cowards,” and “racists,” for no better reason than our opposition to amnesty for illegals.
Meanwhile, people continue to die as the cartels war with the ineffectual, corrupt and mostly disinterested Mexican government and with each other.
It is time and past time for action.
In the 1990s the United States decided we had had enough of one Pablo Escobar and his Medellín cartel.
We sent multiple special forces teams to Columbia to train their police and to assist in finding and killing Escobar. In 1993 they succeeded in doing just that.
Please explain to me why we can’t do exactly the same thing here. These drug cartels are a danger to the United States and a danger to Mexico. The violence there is starting to spill into areas once considered safe. On Aug. 31 a Molotov cocktail was thrown into a night club in Cancun, killing eight.
We cannot afford a failed state on our southern border – and that is what we are facing if we do act.
All IMHO, of course.

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