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Saturday, June 7, 2014

A few questions for David Brin

Because SF Writer David Brin is a coward and a fraud. And owing to the fact that he has refused to answer some very pointed questions on his Facebook page where he has chosen to wave the flag of his so-called scientific credentials to belittle and besmirch anyone who disagrees with his rather radical leftist views while claiming the mantle of "moderate."

Here forthwith are those same questions. I invite Mr. Brin to respond, before I use my rather considerable talents as an investigative journalist to prove to the world his perfidy and expose him as the despicable liar he is.

Mr. Brin,

You have repeatedly used your qualifications as a scientist to denigrate those who disagree with you, particularly on this issue.

A friend has asked me, as a nationally-known investigative journalist to ask you a few questions. This individual, who for professional reasons must remain anonymous, has posited these questions, but, as a journalist, I ask them as well.

If you are a scientist, where’s your scientific publications?  Your public sources list 6 papers in the scientific field in which you trained.  Based on your published Bio, three-to-four were from your Master’s, and two don’t really count, since they constitute a two-part paper authored by your Advisor with you in the “courtesy student author” slot.  

You have one main publication obviously from your PhD dissertation, but absolutely nothing for the next 8 years – where was your scholarly output as a post-graduate professional scientist?

You have only four scholarly papers since your PhD – one was SETI, three in fields other than what you trained, and one of those clearly marked “speculation” – where is there any evidence of you doing science?

All of your academic positions are for “instructor,” “post-doctoral fellow,” “associate,” “visiting scholar.” Nowhere do you list any faculty or academic scientific positions, neither do you list any actual scientific jobs – so how are you a practicing scientist without working in science?

You have 4 scientific publications in over 30 years, and no publications relevant to your scientific training in over 25 years.  How is it that you can currently claim to be a scientist?

Your first novel was published while you were in your PhD program – did you neglect your PhD research to write the novel, or did you in fact write the novel before you could lay claim to being a scientist?  Given that it can take years to go from manuscript to published novel, how *many* of your first novels were actually written before you received your PhD, and how did you reconcile the conflicting time demands of research, teaching, SF writing, and scientific writing?

Your ResearchGate profile shows your affiliation as “Caltech” but Caltech does not list you as a faculty member.  Your bio shows that you were a “visiting scholar” at JPL over 20 years ago.  Doesn’t that make your ResearchGate profile (a purely voluntary listing) a lie?

You have no scholarly output, no research credentials, no academic credentials, no faculty position and you’ve lied about your affiliation with Caltech – isn’t that fraud?

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  1. This person is a known troll and hysteric.

    I went ahead and answered some of this at another forum.

    But twenty words is all that I will spare this swill-dweller.